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Macierz Szkolna (the name for the education-supporting unit) for the Cieszyn Principality was established in the year 1885. Owing to its initiative, the first Polish Gymnasium in Cieszyn came into operation in the same year with the solemn opening ceremony held on 10th October 1995. In summer 1903, after eight years marked by hardships and wrestling with adversities, the crucial moment came and it was the first school-leaving examination taken by 19 alumni. On the day 1st of September 1903,  a crucial shift in school’s status occurred, which was that from the private into the state-run one.

With the outbreak of the Great War, the school edifice was occupied by the military troops. Further on, as a result of Austria’s defeat and the collapse of the Habsburg dynasty, the previous educational authorities also went out of existence. The new supervising unit called Komisja Szkolna (School Commission) was appointed. In the year 1919 the forms from three to eight were closed down, resulting from the Silesia region being invaded by the Czech troops which, in turn, triggered the vast number of young people joining the Polish Army. Together with the Polish-Czech conflict coming to its end, the situation gradually got back to normal.  On January 16th 1929, Państwowe Gimnazjum (State Gymnasium) named after Antoni Osuchowski was divided into two schools. In 1938 both of them were moved to the western part of  town. During the Second World War the school building was taken over by the German Towarzystwo Górniczo-Hutnicze ( Mining & Smelting Company). After the almost five-year-break, the preparatory courses were arranged in the year 1945, to compensate for the educational loss caused by the wartime.

The celebrations of school’s 50th anniversary started on June the 15th 1945. The Jubilee falling on that very year was however postponed until the next year due to exceptional circumstances brought about by the war. In 1948 there was the fusion of the primary and secondary school into a new unit called “jedenastolatką”(eleven-form-school). Yet, after the period of four years, it was divided into classes one to seven, which were moved to the building at Plac Wolności (the Square of Freedom) and the rest forming the Secondary Comprehensive School for boys. The next re-union occurred the next year, in 1953, when Pierwsza Szkoła Podstawowa I Liceum Ogólnokształcące Towarzystwa Przyjaciół Dzieci (The First Primary School and Secondary Comprehensive School run by The Society of Children Friends) was established. In the year 1958 the previous patron’s name: Antoni Osuchowski, was restored.

The celebrations of school’s 65th anniversary fell on the year 1960 and they additionally coincided with another significant celebration; that of 1150 anniversary of Cieszyn foundation. The new educational reform in the year 1965 resulted in one more division into two units: Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. A. Osuchowskiego w Cieszynie (Secondary Comprehensive School in Cieszyn named after Antoni Osuchowski) and Szkoła Podstawowa nr 1 im. A. Osuchowskiego w Cieszynie (Primary School no. 1 in Cieszyn, named after Antoni Osuchowski)

In 1979 the Comprehensive School was merged with the Secondary Medical School and The School Unit named after Antoni Osuchowski was founded.  On the occasion of school’s 90th anniversary in 1985, the Unit was awarded with the distinction “Za zasługi dla województwa bielskiego” (for the services for the development of the Bielsko region).

Four years later the branch in Skoczów was established, which then turned into the separate Secondary Comprehensive  School in 1992. This way we approach the red-letter day, October the 10th 1995 when the School reached the centenary of its existence.